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Frequently Asked Questions

Login/Access & Purchase Questions

What is my login?

Your login is the same for the SCCE & HCCA website. If you don't know your password you may need to reset your password here.

How can I get account login assistance?

If you forgot your password, please visit the password reset page. If you no longer have access to the email associated with your account, or if you are still having issues resetting your password, email or call us at 888.277.4977 and we will help you login to your account.

Can I use one of my free member webinar credits for courses in the On-Demand Center?

Yes, if you have member webinar credits you can use them for any LIVE webinar. You will have the option to select "Free Member Webinar" during check out if the event applies and you have credits remaining.

How can I find the live webinar I'm trying to attend right now?

Once you are logged in you can go into the webinar (either under Upcoming Live Webinars, or from your On-Demand Account. If you are logged in you will have access to attend.

How can my co-worker attend this event with me?

Your co-worker will have to purchase separate access for both the live and on-demand content as only one person per registration is approved for access. If you have a large group of 10 or more trying to access content please contact HCCA to see if we can offer you a discounted rate (

How can I update my email address?

Yes, you can update your email address and any other personal information in the SCCE & HCCA Portal

If I purchase a live webinar do I get access to the recording too?

You can choose to purchase just live access, just on-demand access, or both for a discounted fee during the checkout process.

Where do I see past webinars that I've attended live?

SCCE & HCCA On-Demand Center will store your purchase activity and your certificate (if completed) for any event or order after March 1, 2024. You can view this activity once you login to your On-Demand Account.

Where do I see past webinars that I've purchased on-demand (recorded)?

If you are looking for your on-demand content from prior to March 1, 2024 you can access it in COSMOs until December 31 2024, when it will expire out of COSMOs.

What computer requirements do I need to access the live webinar?

You need a strong internet connection and ability to login to your account on our site. If the video isn't loading it's probably because of a firewall that will need to be turned off. If you are having technical difficulties accessing our content please reach out to tech support at USA & Canada to 1.858.201.4136

Video Player Questions


Where can I find my CCB CEU Certificates?

Your certificate will generate after you complete the course (either live event or on demand content). It will also be emailed to the registrants email address. You can also access past certificates in your On-Demand Account after you login.

If I attend an on demand class do CCB CEUs automatically go towards my certification?

No, you will still have to claim your CCB CEUs in the SCCE & HCCA Portal. The instructions for claiming CEUs will be provided on the CEU certificate you received once completing a course.

How can I submit my attendance for CCB CEUs?

Once you complete the course you will receive a certificate with a verification code and instructions on how to claim your CCB CEUS in the SCCE & HCCA Portal.

Are these courses eligible for any other credits besides CCB CEUs?

These courses are approved for CCB CEUs. If you are looking for additional credits you can submit your certificate to any external accreditor of your choice and any approval is up to them.

I have additional questions on getting certified or getting CEUs for these events who can I talk to?

Certification can be reached at +1 952.988.0141 or by email