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SCCE Webinar | ChatGPT and Generative AI - how to manage the risks and rewards in the workplace

Unlock the potential of AI in the workplace. Discover the uses of AI in optimizing productivity and efficiency, with a focus on the role played by AI Chatbots in enhancing communication and customer interactions. We'll also address the risks associated with over-reliance on AI, emphasizing the need for human intervention to ensure a balanced and ethical approach. Learn practical insights on conducting risk assessments to mitigate pitfalls and navigate the legal and regulatory obligations.

Learning Objectives:

  • The uses of AI in the workplace
  • The value of AI Chatbots
  • The risks of reliance on AI
  • The need for human intervention
  • How to use risk assessments
  • The legal and regulatory obligations
  • Ethical considerations

Robert Bond, Senior Counsel, Privacy Partnership Law
Jennifer Sumpster, Senior Privacy Counsel, Privacy Partnership Law
Release Date: 8/8/2023
CCB CEUs: 1.5