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Recorded Sessions | 22nd Annual Compliance & Ethics Institute

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22nd Annual Compliance & Ethics Institute | Recorded Sessions

Recharge your network, career, and compliance program by watching all the educational sessions from the 2023 Compliance and Ethics Institute.
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Each session comes with the mp4 recording and the presentation pdf if provided by the speaker.

Track Descriptions

It’s one thing to discuss the issues compliance and ethics professionals face. It’s another to see what companies have actually done to successfully manage these challenges. The Case Study track will take you inside companies and show you how they’ve handled specific issues.

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This track is designed to meet the specific needs of the legal community. Learn about hot compliance topics for in-house and outside legal counsel. You’ll find insights of value to your practice and clients.

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There are few things more challenging or rewarding to manage than ethics issues. Ethics track sessions will cover the ethical considerations that compliance and ethics professionals need to understand to manage their programs effectively.

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Just understanding the law isn’t enough. Compliance requires you to persuade others, build relationships, negotiate, and be a good listener. The Professional Skills track focuses on the soft skills that are essential to getting solid results for your compliance program.

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No matter what role you play in compliance, odds are you will be involved with internal investigations at some point in your career. Improve your interviewing skills and pack your toolkit with valuable resources for each stage of the process, from initial inquiries to presenting the final report.

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Ranging from the basics of compliance programs to current, trending issues. Learn what you need to know from compliance industry experts.

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This track dives deeper into the needs of the global programme and the topics that create the biggest challenges for global companies today.

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Understand the privacy, breach, and information security compliance issues that continue to emerge. Learn how to integrate ways to mitigate these growing issues into your overall compliance program.

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Compliance Risks and how to effectively manage it is a top priority for global organizations. These engaging and insightful sessions are focused on best practices and the effective management of risk across all major ethics and compliance focus areas facing global organizations today. Led by leading experts and practitioners in the field, participants will gain valuable perspective on program strategies, practical solutions, and cutting-edge methods that can be used to manage and mitigate their organizational risks most effectively.

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The intersection between compliance and ESG is growing stronger every day and compliance professionals are perfectly situated to play a critical role in the management of environmental, social, and governance risks. Learn the latest developments in this area to help manage ESG risks.

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An effective compliance professional will champion for dignity and respect in the workplace in order to best achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion for all. A compliance professional will also promote a speak-up culture, be approachable, be able hold difficult conversations on DE&I, and be openminded to all conversations without marginalizing any employees. The DE&I track provides valuable training to assist the compliance professional with incorporating the values needed for a successful DE&I program.

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